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Our tips to raise funds 

Tip n°1: Put some effort into crafting your team page

Once you’ve created your team’s fundraising page, take some time to personalize it. Include:
  • Some text to introduce your team,
  • A team photo that reflects who you are,
  • You can even post a video!
Remember that your donors are obviously interested in the cause you’re championing, but they’re especially interested in you. Be sure to  explain why you decided to take part in the challenge with yourteam and why SKEMA United is important to you.

Tip n°2: Kick off the donations

You don’t want your donors to land on an empty page. If you can, we encourage you to make the first donation on your page. People are more likely to donate on your page if they can see that someone else has already made a donation. This first donation will be used as a reference! A €30 donation, for example, will encourage the next donors to give the same amount or more.

Tip n°3: Adopt the right strategy

Start with those closest to you before extending to all your Facebook friends ;) After the first donation, start by sending an email to people you are very close to, such as your family members. These people will be easier to get on board than those who are further out of
your circle of trust. And of course, it will be easier to ask them! Next, email your friends. The third step is to email all the other contacts you
feel comfortable enough to approach with this (colleagues, friends of friends, acquaintances, etc.). Don’t be embarrassed to ask:
  1. You are doing it for a good cause, plus
  2. Everyone is free to say no.

Tip n°4: Always personalize

Personalizing helps to engage the people reading your messages. Of course, you should personalize your fundraising page with a photo, some text, the members of your team, etc. before sharing it with your circles. But you should also personalize the emails you send out! Donors will always feel more involved if you speak to them “directly” rather than saying “Hi everybody!”, which can come across as a little too impersonal...

Tip n°5: Highlight the tax deductibility

Don’t hesitate to remind your supporters that every donation counts and no amount is too small!* Highlight the fact that donations are tax deductible and give some concrete examples: individuals in France can claim an income tax reduction (tax credit) of 66% of the amount donated, while companies can deduct 60% of their donation from their French corporation tax (within certain limits).

Tip n°6: Don’t forget to say THANK YOU!

Thank you, thank you and thanks again! All the people you’ve contacted repeatedly while fundraising deserve a big, huge THANK YOU! Simply because without them you would not have been able to participate in the SKEMA United challenge, and also of course because without them SKEMA would not be able to develop as quickly to serve its community. So don’t ever forget to say thank you!

*However, tax receipts will only be issued for donations over €30. Below this amount, the administration costs absorb the amount of the donation.